I’m Welcome To My Site.

I Am Your Incompetent Critic Of Film And Anime.


So, while I’ve been updating the site more regularly, I still have not really gotten to the point that I can effectively do this at the stage I initially wanted. So, here’s an update on this site and it’s status.

  • I’m officially ending the season weekly reviews. I’ll still do a write-up of shows each season I watch the first episode of, but I will no longer try to keep up weekly with the season (this is mostly because I’m more of a binge-watcher than a weekly one, so it’s more work, and less desirable for me, to keep up with shows weekly).
  • While they’ve been slightly dormant recently, my episodic reviews will be returning, both with a return to the world of Haruhi, as well as another series that I feel would benefit from this style of review.
  • My girls show plan is effectively being tossed out, as I can’t really figure out the right format and structure to do it. Sorry if you were looking forward to that.
  • I’ve got series reviews for both Ninja Slayer From Animation and Date A Live in the pipeline (read: I’m watching them now), with more being planned.
  • I think I may rebrand the site, since I haven’t really been touching on films on here in years and this is more and more becoming an anime blog.

This is my plan so far. If you have questions or concerns, contact my Twitter account @incompetantcrit, or on CuriousCat at https://curiouscat.me/Incompetentcrit, or on ask.fm at https://ask.fm/Naota3265. I await the reworking of my site to actually be good.

Your Incompetent Critic



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