ANIME DOUBLE FEATURE: Sword Art Online and Accel World Ep 5-7

SWORD ART ONLINE episodes 5-7


Well, we finally have some focus in this mess. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t know what it wants to be and seems more like it’s dragging us along. The writing continues to be bad, at best. Kirito is still a blank slate who reminds me of Davis (both are reckless characters, both get grating after 3 seconds of screentime, both are dense) and Asuna has finally claimed her role as female protagonist in the series. Episodes 5 and 6 are essentially a whodunit, except the idea makes little sense and the ultimate motive for the initial killing is proof of how the creator of the series actually view people of the opposite sex (which won’t ruin anything for Asuna’s character later, right?). Honestly, in this three episode block, Asuna has become the ONLY good thing in the series. Even though she is still as much of a blank slate as Kirito, she doesn’t grate at you and seems like she could become a good character. Then again, my powers of knowing spoilers tell me that that won’t last, which adds another strike against the series. This block wasn’t as bad as the first four episodes, but that’s not saying much and it is going to be the series’ peak (according to my spoilers on the series that I know).

ACCEL WORLD episodes 5-7


While episodes 1-4 set up the whole premise of the show, episodes 5-7 show us what type of show it actually is: a classic-style Shonen action show. That is fine with me, since I love me a good-ol’ Shonen action series. Episode 5 revealed that with it’s execution of one of the sables in Shonen action shows: the grudge match. The episode is, note for note, that style of a story (two people fight, all of their emotions are released, we learn about the characters, hero looks badass at the end) condensed into one episode, which uses the whole time to work as effectively as possible. Episodes 6 and 7 use the story known as the training arc to get Haru stronger. And that is basically what I can say without spoiling it. Not only does it show that this was made after SAO (it knows what it is), but it also knows how to entertain. The hurdles with Haru are long, but at a good length for a Shonen hero. Kuroyukihime, while not getting any actual character development, is still entertaining and her interactions with Haru are proving to be the core of the series. While not spectacular, Accel World is still entertaining and worth seeing.


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