Hellsing Episodes 5-7


Well, for this brief window of three episodes, Hellsing has managed to recapture SOME of what made the manga so great. This is partially because the story used for episodes 5 amd 6 are unable to be toned down to fit the tone of the rest of the series, but episode 7 was also a pleasant surprise, which upsets me, since this ends the story that follows the manga. From here, we get Chiaki J Konoka’s weird and slow new story taking over completely.

Episodes 5 and 6 are about the Valentine Brothers’ strike on the Hellsing headquarters. Since these are characters who cannot be toned down at all, they are ultraviolent and insane (especially Jan, who is irrational and puts Walter’s cursing talent in “The Big Lebowski” to shame). These episodes are ultimately able to overcome their flaws because of this, which makes them the best so far.

And then we get episode 7, which is Alucard Vs. Alexander Anderson, round 2 (now with an actual fight). It’s closer to their first encounter in the manga, which means that the fight is actually pretty entertaining.

The animation is still God-Awful though. This is especially apparent in the action scenes, where they use every shortcut they can. The show still disappoints me, but this block has proven that they remember the tone of the manga. Unfortunately, this is probably also the peak of the series.


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