Hellsing Episodes 11-13


This series was a hard watch. No, it wasn’t because of the content. It was because, in the end, Chiaki J Konoka’s leanings towards the mysterious won him over.

The crown has turned on Hellsing. Seras is put into the investigation department to try and uncover anything regarding the freak chip. Alucard joins the Hellsing forces for an attack on the London Tower, hoping to run into Incognito. And most of the people die.

Konoka loves to leave his shows dark, but this one goes too far into that direction, seeming mean-spirited in the home stretch. While the whole series tried to use the “cursed with immortality” card for Seras, but it’s played here quickly and then abandoned. In fact, she’s a non-entity during the last episode (even though this is supposed to be HER STORY!), as is Sir Integra, who spent the entirety of episodes 11 and 12 being betrayed by everyone and her only loyal subject (who’s alive, so Alucard doesn’t count) dies. The last episode is basically an extended fight scene between Alucard and Incognito, which further showcases the show’s lack of a budget.

However, this could all be forgiven if there is any closure given to the urgent sense of nothing. Well, there isn’t. After the fight, we get SOME ON SCREEN TEXT telling us that the people behind the freak chips are still being hunted. In other words, we wasted thirteen episodes, roughly six hours of animation, to do NOTHING!

This show was bad. It not only reminded me that slow, dark, and thought-out stories are not always the best. Sometimes, we just need fast, energetic mayhem. With that, I’ll leave you with my final verdict on the series: WATCH HELLSING ULTIMATE INSTEAD! AT LEAST THAT ONE IS FUN!


Author: criticoffilm

Amateur film and anime critic, animation enthusiast, hopeful writer

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