Watamote episode 2


This series continues to entertain and cause general discomfort at the same time. The secret seems to be that it celebrates as much as it condemns, which makes the condemning more potent (since it’s specific and knowledgeable rather than stereotypical). And this episode takes the stories from the series that just sucker-punch Tomoko into pure stupid wrath.

A friend of her’s from middle-school calls and asks if they can hang out on Saturday. Of course, Tomoko tries to make it seem like she has been having a successful high-school life. And nothing works out.

Where episode 1 had a lot of Tomoko trying to look cuter and failing, this episode is essentially just her getting anxiety and failing at EVERYTHING. Even her semi-successes (the art class assignment, her friend) end up backfiring. When the episode ends with her putting on music to tune out everyone, it’s made better because she just seems to give up.

And that makes this episode better than episode 1. Episode 1 had a lot of “woe is me, I’m a wreck because I’m not popular”, but this episode shows why and how. The black cloud humor makes it even better. I’m still enjoying it and can’t wait to see how much more Tomoko can suffer.


Author: criticoffilm

Amateur film and anime critic, animation enthusiast, hopeful writer

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