Hellsing Ultimate episode 2


The pacing issues of episode 1 are gone now, especially since episode 2 focuses almost entirely on a single action set piece: the Valentine Brothers. While the older adaptation also had this story in the series, it was weighted down by the weight of the more somber and (relatively) more serious tone. Here, it is unabashedly gory, bloody, energetic and fun.

The Valentine Brothers attack the Hellsing headquarters during a round-table meeting. The meeting was about the freak chip, which has been creating more vampires as of late and of a different nature than regular vampires. With the Hellsing organization being seized and the soldiers unable to stop them, it’s up to Alucard, Seras, and Walter to stop them.

The pacing here works because the episode is just an action scene, rather than exposition and plot. In that regard, this is the first bit of Hellsing media outside of the manga to get why it works. Of course, episode 1 kind of understood that, but it was done to disconnectedly to work that much.

The hurdle is still the director, whose other series credit was Haibane Renmei (the polar opposite of this). He seems to have an issue with the idea of framing action scenes. He has some neat visual touches, but it’s mostly uninspired and needing that push to go crazy.

Still, crazy is what this is. This is a crazy series (not like Mad Bull 34, but it is definitely not sane) whose appeal is this insanity. It’s still entertaining and we can always hope that this series continues to improve and entertain.


Author: criticoffilm

Amateur film and anime critic, animation enthusiast, hopeful writer

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