Honey And Clover episodes 1-4


As another series where I’m reading the manga as well, I feel like I should dispel the notion that a work is better when it follows the manga (and coming from the guy who reamed Hellsing for not following the manga, it’s hard to take my opinion of that very seriously). I bring this up because this anime does follow it’s manga rather closely. The difference is that if it didn’t, it would be somewhat unwatchable.

The series has the premise of following five characters and the love triangles that form between them. If it didn’t follow the manga, this would be a soap opera, melodramatic and overly serious about what love means. By following the manga, it’s a bizarre artistic comedy where love is soliloquied about, yet more screen-time is spent on weird jokes.

The lead character is a bland character, his friends being the wiser and cynical figure and Shinobou Morita (who is just fun to watch). The two female leads are Hagu, who is a art prodigy who is very uncomfortable in social settings, and a girl who is nicknamed “The Iron Man”. It’s Japanese comedy, but it does follow a story that lends it some grounding (only some).

These first four episodes are great. It occurs that the series works better animated because of the gags, and it’s never forgotten that it’s an anime. In fact, for reference, this was the first show aired on the noitaminA block, which focused on more artistic or more broad-reaching anime (other shows included Paradise Kiss, House Of Five Leaves, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Princess Jellyfish, Anohana, Guilty Crown, Psycho-Pass, and Silver Spoon). So, watch it. I can’t find more of an opinion to state for this.


Author: criticoffilm

Amateur film and anime critic, animation enthusiast, hopeful writer

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