Honey and Clover episodes 5-8


There are a few times in this block of episodes where the anime attempts to be “serious”. The results can only be described as “Capra-doused-in-sugar-with-a-carmelized-honey-crust-covered-in-powdered-sugar”. It does seem to resemble a melodrama or soap opera in these moments, which makes the show difficult to stomach.

Fortunately, the comedy still comes through strong. The “serious” moments could make a cute, sweet J-drama that I’d never want to watch, but the insane antics of the characters still give it a nice texture that makes the show enjoyable. Unfortunately, as my first sentence stated, they do delve more into melodrama for this block and the comedy is muted more than before. Still, the twister game is enjoyable enough to say that this is still a worthwhile watch.


Author: criticoffilm

Amateur film and anime critic, animation enthusiast, hopeful writer

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