Honey And Clover episodes 9-12 (including episode L)


While I previously said that I much more preferred the humor in the series to the drama, this block did something to balance it out. While there are some melodramatic moments in episode 9 and 10, the “serious” moments are usually broken up with the usual insanity. And as this block kept going, it kept that pace, making both enjoyable to watch and creating some nice little moments that stand out.

However, then there is Episode L, one of the two unaired episodes, which also says why we need those quiet, “dramatic” moments. Episode L is one long gag reel, played out for way too long and to insane to be entertaining. It went in the worst direction possible in anime humor: trying too hard (see also: Excel Saga, Cromartie High School, Humanity Has Declined). It was a serious wake-up call to make me want more of a balance than the humor. And this block, Episode L aside, finally found that balance.


Author: criticoffilm

Amateur film and anime critic, animation enthusiast, hopeful writer

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