Fate/Stay Night episodes 1-6


Anime based on visual novels is becoming more and more of the market. My opinion towards them is distantly curious, since I haven’t seen Steins;Gate or Clannad yet, while my second least favorite anime of all time is a visual novel adaptation. My interest in this was primarily the weird opinion I’ve heard about Type-Moon, primarily about the stories that they tell. So, I looked here and….

This series ties with Ergo Proxy as the series that is furthest up their own ass. I recognize some good ideas, but those ideas are given absolutely no straight answer, as if we need to know all of the information beforehand. And then there’s the just the fact that those interesting ideas are played alongside the same crap we see in other high school anime (I’m sure the dinner scenes are not critically important to every episode, guys). But that’s not my biggest problem.

The protagonist, Shiro Emiya, is an obnoxiously good person. When I say obnoxiously good, I mean sees the world in black and white and preaches how he wants to save everyone so no one will suffer. It’s the most obnoxious, non-vapid-airhead character because they never shut up about how no one should die, EVER, while in a tournament where all witnesses must be killed and the easiest way to win is to kill opponents. Actually, the show’s sole redeeming feature, so far, is that the show looks at Shiro like a kid and shrugs off his idealism. The best thing so far is that the hero is constantly being chastised for his uber-heroic thoughts. In fact, he’s by far the most useless character in the tournament and most likely to get killed, especially if he only follows his idealism.

However, that doesn’t save this series. Maybe it will improve, but as it stands, it’s a boring mess that is very much up it’s own ass.


Author: criticoffilm

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