Watamote episode 4


The manga this series is based on is essentially a collection of short vignettes showcasing the antisocial and neurotic life of our heroine, Tomoko Kuroki. The stories were varied in their placement and seemed, not only, to paint a succinct picture of this character, but also any development toward, or away from, that light we all look forward to. At this point, however, we can all see that each episode is themed, which makes it less about showing the person suffering from this problem and more of a show to laugh at the buttmonkey.

Given that this episode also focuses on Tomoko’s pervertedness, it’s made more obvious in this episode. That description of the episode is all anyone needs to know going in. And while her perverted nature is a large part of her character (most of her actions in both the anime and manga have some level of her own sexual desire in it), it does also lay out the anime’s structure bare: we are laughing at her, not understanding or relating with her. And that’s a huge departure from the manga, which works because we can relate to her weirdness. Here, though, it’s presented as weird.

This doesn’t ruin the show at all, but it does lead me to worry about how it will continue. I just hope that it can still capture the spirit of the manga and not just be one long joke.


Author: criticoffilm

Amateur film and anime critic, animation enthusiast, hopeful writer

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