Hellsing Ultimate episode 4


While this episode was the last one by this director, this episode is where he finally embraces the crazy. The series is made primarily crazy, anyway, but director Tomokazu Tokoro always seemed like he never embraced the insanity of Kouta Hirano’s opus. Here, after becoming more accustomed to the insanity of the source material, he has finally given in at his final go at the series. And it also is the second episode that isn’t just one long action set-piece.

The Hellsing organization has received a declaration of war from Millennium, a supernatural Nazi group led by The Major, a short, fat, war-mongering insane man who doesn’t have the Nazi idealism, just enjoys war. He sends Rip van Winkle to take over a British warship, which attracts the attention of Alucard, who goes to take her down.

Most of the episode is exposition. Not boring exposition, however, since all of it is over-the-top and insane (a short attack by Alexander Anderson is used to say that Alucard is returning to England). The Major explains his modus operandi to the Hellsing organization using a young boy messenger bringing a television screen to them and loudly getting shot. Rip van Winkle herself is very entertaining to watch (she beats Jan Valentine in the enjoyable villain category), singing opera while shooting down three fighter planes. This is one of the most incredibly enjoyable episodes in the series so far.

And it ends with the speech. You all know the speech. The Major explaining how much he loves war. It is one of the greatest psychotic speeches in anime, if not in any medium, ever and can make this episode worth it alone. That it is preceded by the best episode of this epic series so far makes it even better. This is the reward for watching the first four episodes: that speech. Now lets see how this series holds this momentum.


Author: criticoffilm

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