Fate/Stay Night episodes 13-18


While the action is becoming more of the focus and the story is steering more towards the futility of Shiro’s idealism, I must state this opinion: I hate Type-Moon’s use of exposition dumps to convey anything. The last 6 episodes were better in dealing with this, but this block uses it to convey ANY useful information. I still see that as bad storytelling and it’s my biggest problem with this series.

Saber is losing most of her mana, which is the force keeping her in the human world. While worrying about that, Shiro gets kidnapped by Illya, the little girl with the Berserker servant. That’s the start, though, since the back half of this block follows them dealing with a servant who has her own servant (Type-Moon, you are not that clever. Stop acting like you’re Christopher Nolan.)

To their credit, there was one clever moment in this block: the identity of Archer. It plays with the source material’s usage of multiple paths and if you are unfamiliar, it’s implied strongly enough for people to understand it. Unfortunately, that’s the only instance of this series following the “show, don’t tell” rule. All of the exposition dumps start to feel condescending after a while and they’re insufferable here.

Of course, if we just cut out the dinner scenes that don’t add anything, this would seem less like exposition dumps and more like a plot to dense for it’s allotted time. But, like my least favorite anime of all time (which got license rescued for reasons I don’t understand. Seriously, what the fuck, Funimation?), it likes to waste time at monotonous dinner scenes and general house hijinks that the actual plot seems rushed only because they forgot abut it. Hopefully, the plot problems are smoothed over for the finale, but I don’t know why there is such a strong Type-Moon fanbase.


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