Welcome To The NHK episodes 13-16


These covers are still bad for this series.

Episodes 13 and 14, together with episode 12 from last block, all make up what I consider the series’ weakest story: the suicide party. And while episode 12 used it as a setup for a bad joke where Sato couldn’t figure out why they were meeting, episodes 13 and 14 show why this story is the shows biggest flaw: over self-indulgence.

Episode 13 deals with the group about to kill themselves and slowly deciding against it. Episode 14 deals with the reactions most of the members face following the incident. And aside from one funny moment (Misaki’s speech to tell Sato not to jump, which was just insulting him), both episodes play off like the most unpleasant afterschool special ever. It feels like it should be a powerful moment, but it instead resembles being hit over the head with a mallet that says “DON’T KILL YOURSELF”. After middle school, it was the most obnoxious thing to sit through.

However, episodes 15 and 16 deal with Sato getting a new addiction, MMOs, after being told that his allowance (only source of income) is being halved and hearing about gold farming. It, like the story coming up next block, is essentially buildup for the finale, which has Sato at the lowest point in the series (that’s right, he can STILL be broken).

Episodes 15 and 16 play off like a mean-spirited and less satirical version of “Make Love, Not Warcraft”, since Sato just gets worse in these two episodes. It is just setup, but it’s entertaining setup, unlike episodes 13 and 14. Things only get more miserable from here and there is some promise of entertainment from it.


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