Welcome To The NHK episodes 5-8


The best part of rewatching this particular anime is that dark comedy can be the biggest elevators when you feel crappy. It’s why I’m watching it. However, that doesn’t mean that the series still doesn’t succeed in being one of the funniest and bleakest anime ever created.

Sato has given in and accepted Misaki’s contract. However, that doesn’t mean that she will save him like his illusions kept convincing him: she’s a girl around the age of a high school senior who’s reading straight from a book about how he can improve his life (even if it results in the amazing dream analysis scene). These meetings, however, also act as a form of motivation for Sato. He feels like he needs to put effort into the scenario for Yamazaki’s hentai game, even though it ends with him questioning his own self worth (and Yamazaki’s). And then his mother comes to visit…..

Honestly, if the first four episodes were just set-up, then this is the payoff. Sato is still as big a neurotic pain as at the start, but it’s here where we see him more as a complete sad sack. From the scenario writing (which was a small scene in this block) to the meeting with his mother, he is someone so obsessed with not being seen as a failure that he locks himself away from everyone, secluding himself in a small world of sexual desire and perversion, sleep, and the realization that his mind is slowly decaying (after all, it is all a conspiracy against him). Where Yamazaki was a big player in the last block, this time he is kept to the sides with one exception (Sato tailing behind him at his school). Misaki, on the other hand, actually becomes a character here. While the opening alluded to her being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl (think most Zooey Deschanel in most of her roles), she is actually just a girl who seems in over her head (until later, after this block), sarcastic but never in control (save for one moment). If she’s in control, she’s doing a poor job showing it.

The last thing I have to bring up for this block is this: when ADV had the license for this, their DVD covers for the volumes (which I’m following for the blocks I’m viewing) were shitty attempts to trick the buyer. I bring it up here because if any attempt at sex appeal is done in this series like the cover, it’s the target of a cruel joke. JUst keep that in mind as I keep posting this re-watch with those awful covers.



***I might be late with my amine review for Air. Hopefully, I’ll aim for tomorrow, but I’m not sure if it will be done in time. ***


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