Welcome To The NHK episodes 9-12


I repeat: the covers for ADV’s singles release of this series is bad and misleading. And this block is a great destruction of Sato. The only weak point of this block is the last episode.

Sato is confused about his feelings for Misaki, believing that he’s in love with her. Not that he gets any help from Yamazaki, who’s buried in making their game and is switching between acting like a lovestruck puppy and a staunch misogynist. He ultimately decides to cut off his contact with Misaki after realizing that he knows nothing about her, she’s been spying on him for who knows how long, and not wanting to risk anything on her (due to his delusions). This makes him weak enough to follow his senpai from school, which leads to episode 12.

Episode 12 is one long, unfunny joke that acts as a setup for my least favorite event in the series. Basically, it never dawns on Sato until the end of the episode that the people on the island are going to kill themselves. If not for this last episode, this would’ve been the most powerful and well-executed block in the series. As it is, however, I can’t think but get angry because I know how episode 13 will go down.


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