Watamote episode 6



I’ve been complaining that this series’ biggest problem was how it was adapting the manga. For this episode, it seems like they heard me, because this is the episode that I was waiting for: the mean-spirited comedy where the heroine is sympathetic. All it needed was some clever adaptation.

Summer break is approaching and Tomoko doesn’t have anyone to see the fireworks with. She can’t ask anyone (otherwise this series’ plot would be utterly pointless), so she tries to attract someone ……. be playing an otome game that gets her off.

Why this episode works better than the last few, simply, is because it isn’t “here’s the theme for Tomoko’s insanity today”. This episode has a clearly stated goal and reaches said goal with a few detours (which makes it a better slice-of-life show than a certain anime about girls in a light music club which is one of the most boring anime I’ve ever seen). This is episode 2-level quality, which makes it the best in a while.

I’m actually still impressed that they got the neurosis of Tomoko down so well in this episode. While before, it seemed like they were just focusing on a certain aspect of her personality to make fun of, this episode plays them all at once and goes to town. And considering what is going to happen soon (but unfortunately not next episode), I have high hopes for showing how much help Tomoko really needs.



Author: criticoffilm

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