Watamote episode 7



While episode 6 was one of the better episodes, this one is at least brutally honest about why, to some, this isn’t a comedy. Yes, every episode before this also showed that (it was the whole purpose of episode 2, when you think about it), this one did so by striping away the school element. What follows may remind people of Lucky Star in it’s pacing, but is still a step in the right direction for the show.

It’s Summer vacation and Tomoko has no plans. In fact, it takes her 6 days to realize that. The episode follows her as she attempts to change that.

The first half of this episode is an approximation of my Summer (no plans, stayed at home, watched lots of anime, spent too long on the internet). It’s also the most telling part of the show. While she only has one friend and she never hangs out with anyone, the previous episodes showed her anxiety as something to endlessly mock unless you were or knew someone like her (in which case, it became more of a cringe-worthy experience). In this episode, however, she is pretty much alone in her house. Sure, her brother is there (even though he never wants to) and she once tries to do a live stream online, but it fails. The first half of the episode is relatively quiet for this series, basically causing Tomoko to wallow in self-pity for the situation she constantly makes worse and always mocks (again, much like my Summer).

The second half, however, is actually a manga story (the first half was original material). It’s the episode with the eroge seiyuu. Needless to say, that one’s more straight comedy than the first half. And while that’s great, the reason this episode works so well is because of that first half (like how most people who don’t like Wall-E describe Wall-E). It was still a good episode, though. And I’m excited because the next one is, quite possibly, the BEST PART of the manga.



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