Watamote episode 10



I apologize for falling behind on the last quarter of this series. However, the interim between when I last saw this series has given me the opportunity to see the first seven episodes of an even more misanthropic (yet intensely stupid) series: Mirrai Nikkai (or The Future Diaries). While both are incredibly misanthropic, Mirrai Nikkai is more like the obnoxious 13-year-old who quotes “Linkin Park and Simple Plan songs while wearing all black that feels like everyone sucks. Watamote, however, seems to more resemble current-day Hideki Anno: still depressed and pissed off, but at least willing to look for that bright spot.

This episode follows Tomoko as she begins her new term. In a new seat. In the middle of the classroom. Her only respite is lunchtime, in her new spot that no one goes to but her. This story specifically resonated with me personally, as I am a creature of habit who needs a safe-space. While I related to her summer break on a level of “That’s happening to me”, this event is an actual trait of mine that makes me adverse to change and needing of some form of security. This is followed by Tomoko applying for setting up a club at school. Her club is very much like that in a light novel series (while it’s mentioned, can’t more light novel writers not suck, we need more quality light novel stories like Spice And Wolf and Baccano! and Haruhi Suzumiya) and it has the obvious outcome.

In my return, I’ve seen exactly HOW it is that this series is succeeding. It shows an awful character, but humanizes her, making us sympathize and relate with her. It is for this reason that, unless Kill La Kill becomes the masterpiece it clearly wants to be or another series surprises me, Watamote is my pick for the best anime of 2013.


Author: criticoffilm

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