Kill La Kill episode 3



Oh, NOW it makes sense. Granted, I don’t think you can explain anything in this series in one episode, but it took until episode three for anything to seem coherent. While it is still weird (and thank god for that!), it is no longer a confusing mess that just seems like Mad Libs: The Premise.

Satsuki unveils (literally, of course) her kamui (the same type of uniform that Ryuko has) for her battle with Ryuko. Ryuko, meanwhile, is questioning Aikuro, the homeroom teacher who is always performing a strip tease when expositing towards Ryuko (see, it’s still weird), about her kamui, discovering that it was made by her father to fight the Honnoji Academy uniforms. She also shows her biggest weakness with the suit: SHE’S EMBARRASSED TO BE SEEN IN SUCH A SKIMPY OUTFIT!!!!!! (that made me happy) When Ryuko and Satsuki fight, they have an epic brawl which not only develops Ryuko’s true power, but also establishes the show’s true premise.

I will repeat: WHY DID THE OUTFITS NEED TO BE SO …….. NEAR-NON-EXISTANT?!? In fact, when both Satsuki and Ryuko show their true power with their kamui, it looks so close to naked that I’m questioning the design decisions for this series. Then again, the plot point needed for Ryuko to unlock her kamui’s true power is, and I’m not joking about this, not being embarrassed to be seen practically naked in it. I respect the “be proud of your body” approach, but this is kind of obscuring that message a bit.

Not that that’s an issue. This is still some really good entertainment and it finally found it’s aim. I can definitely say I look forward to the next several episodes. If it keeps going in this direction, this may be the best new anime of the year (if that happens, sorry Tomoko).


Author: criticoffilm

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