Kill La Kill episode 4



There is something to be said to a show where I cannot predict anything that will occur. Part of this show’s appeal, similar to me with Adventure Time, is that it is so out there that I cannot see anything coming and am firmly 12 steps behind it. That said, WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH?!?

It’s No-Late Day, where all of the no-star students need to get to class between 4 am and 8:30. If they’re late, then they’re expelled (and they lose their homes and their families will have to move). The problem? The discipline committee, led by that giant dude from the beginning of episode 1, set traps to stop the students (and yes, many of them ARE lethal, why would you think otherwise?). To make matters worse, Ryuko’s kamui was washed the night before and she had to leave without it. Will Ryuko and Mako make it to the school in time or is this their last day?

I haven’t been this confused by the show since episode 1. The difference, however, is that this episode made “sense” (in that I knew what was occurring) by the end, while episode 1 needed TWO MORE EPISODES before it made sense. The episode is hyperactive, almost to a fault. This episode would’ve benefited from some down time. However, since it kept it’s energy for this long, it is surprisingly entertaining, if not a little tiring. Still some good stuff, though.


Author: criticoffilm

Amateur film and anime critic, animation enthusiast, hopeful writer

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