Gatchaman Crowds episodes 1-3



Holy shit! In this year of anime which gave us series like Attack On Titan (EVERYONE WILL DIE!!!), Watamote (Everyone is shit, but I want to be them), Kill La Kill (School is hell and it will be the death of you), C3 (K-On with guns), Free! (Beneath the fujoshi-bait is the most blatant attack on KyoAni’s fanbase in existance), Kotoura-San (Psychic powers will turn you into a miserable wreck), Blood Lad (When you finally get what you want, it’s gone and you’ll obsess over getting it back), and Day Break Illusion (The Madoka rip-off NO ONE was asking for!), Gatchaman Crowds seems ……. weird. There may be many reasons for that, but chief among them is Hajime, the series’ psychotically optimistic protagonist.

A Gatchaman is a fighter who is chosen by an alien God-like being to battle aliens who desire ill-will against humanity. One of them is Sugane, who is a straight-arrow who refuses to change from protocol. One day, there is a new recruit: Hajime, a weird, out-there, always happy, stationary-obsessed high schooler. Her enthusiasm gets well recieved by other teammates, but is not appreciated by Sugane or their leader, Paiman (a panda-like alien who hates pandas), especially since she does not necessarily follow orders. Her bigger love, even moreso than being a Gatchaman, is her involvement with GALAX, a social network led by a mysterious figure who feels like it’s the only way to improve humanity.

I can’t decide if Hajime reminds me of Finn from Adventure Time or Luffy from One Piece. The common trait in all three of them is this psychotic optimism and a need to help others. If she was not in this show, it would turn into something unbearable like Cashern Sins (thanks, Toonami, for putting the sleeping medication in your inaugural block). Her presence elevates the show, however, into something more. While only time will tell what it will become, I like it so far and want to see more of Hajime. GIVE US MORE PLANNERS!!!!!!


Author: criticoffilm

Amateur film and anime critic, animation enthusiast, hopeful writer

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