Kill La Kill episode 5



This show never stops being weird, but at least the weirdness has gone down to Adventure Time levels: everything’s weird, but it all creates a context that you can understand. Also, like Adventure Time, there are small clues brought up as near-asides by people (I’m going to assume that Satsuki is not the main villian, but her mother will). Still, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a weird, weird episode.

Ryuko is feeling confident inside Senketsu, so much so that he even admits that she needs to watch herself. Unfortunately, the newest threat is not coming from Satsuki’s command: it’s Tsumugu, a sniper working for the anti-uniform forces who is after Ryuko because he feels like the Senketsu will turn her into a worse monster than Satsuki and he plans to capture and destroy it.

Yeah, so, this episode was weird. Oh, the clubs going after Ryuko was weird, but Tsumugu is also a weird character (considering that he works with THAT TEACHER, it’s unsurprising). The whole of the episode is basically a story of “see what happens when you push it too far?” He actually doesn’t see what Ryuko sees and is going by an incident he witnessed several years ago (see also: my guess from earlier could be what this alludes to). It is really good and, despite being almost as weird as last episode, it’s much easier to take in. I just hope that something happens with the four generals of the academy, since they were built up as such as entertaining-looking group of misfits.


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