Gatchaman Crowds episodes 4-6

GATCHAMAN Crowds - OP - Large 04


Saying that there’s a science as to why this series works seems like I’m selling it short. Yes, this series does work and there is ONE PRIMARY REASON for that (hint: she’s not in the picture for this post), but this series has so many other things going for it that just relying on Hajime’s strength is not enough and it goes deeper into the well for it’s surprisingly compelling story.

GALAX’s creator, LOAD, is being haunted by Berg Katze, a mysterious alien being who’s taking people’s identities and framing them for catastrophes that LOAD made a faustian pact with (at least I believe it’s faustian) to create GALAX. LOAD’s increasing paranoia is only outweighed by his increasing idealism for GALAX. The gatchaman team’s sole encounter with Berg was a bust and they’re off duty since there is a distressing lack of hostile activity and the team refuses to act just for natural occurrences. That’s when Hajime makes a very rash decision…

LOAD is the primary character this block, in case you couldn’t tell. Where the first three episodes followed Hajime as she became a gatchaman and dealt with her teammates’ way of doing things (fighting an alien species that literally meant no harm), this one is primarily LOAD’s paranoia. He may not have the scene-stealing charisma and obnoxious optimism of Hajime, but he is a compellingly tragic figure: an idealist whose creation has morphed into something he cannot sustain. He doesn’t want the gatchamen to be active because of his belief that everyone can act as a hero anonymously (What’s that other ANONYMOUS group that acts similarly? Oh yeah, the Dollars.). Oh, and Berg Katze is creepy.

With this block, the show has revealed it’s hidden depth. The show is very relevant and the update to the concept meshes very well with it (I have not seen the original, but I may never get to it: most anime pre-Mobile Suit Gundam is unwatchable to me). I expect great things out of the bottom half.


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