Hello, my name is Alistair Scott, your incompetent critic and the creator of this site. Born and mostly raised in the Bronx, I’ve been a life-long anime fan, cartoon fan, and film fan. Since middle school, I’ve attempted several attempts at reviewing media, after an interesting in critiquing was sparked. I began this site back in May of 2013 as a venue to write about films and anime (although the latter one took over more as the site existed). Still, as this was made as a personal site while still attending school full-time, it also meant that updates were not terribly frequent, which resulted in many periods of silence from me here.

I am currently an amateur critic who uses this site for posting my writing about anime and film. I am trained from school in audio production and possess photography, photo-editing, cinematography, and video editing skills, which are showcased here as well. I am active on twitter as incompetentcrit, exist on facebook (though that’s only open to friends, though, sorry), and am present on ask.fm. I would love to be able to open actual discussions with other film and anime fans, so feel free to hit me up on those platforms, or to leave comments on my articles.